Every business has to deal with processes. The question is whether those processes are also optimally designed.

Process optimization is the key to commercial success, increased productivity and a nicer working environment. Without the right knowledge and insights, optimizing business processes is quite a task. Are you finding process optimization difficult and not sure where to start? Then Digitaaleon is happy to help you out. First, we look at existing processes with you. How do you implement them now? What do employees think of the current solutions? What do they think could be better? And what are they spending unnecessary time on?

Legacy software and customization

Many companies are dealing with outdated software. We help replace this software so your business is ready for the future again. Don’t take any chances, outdated software can cause a lot of damage if something goes wrong with it. It also often no longer fully meets the needs and requirements of its users. Digitaaleon can modernize this software to eliminate risks and deliver on user requirements. Of course, Digitaaleon can also help you develop a new software application that you have thought of.

Example: Digitaaleon completely replaced old software for several procurement organizations and added all new requirements.

Setting up systems

Often, there is a lot of software already in place, but it is not used optimally. Digitaaleon is happy to help set up these systems and also explain them to employees. For example, many people think that Microsoft Teams is just video calling, but did you know that this is actually an afterthought? We help set up, automate and explain a lot of products, think Teams, SharePoint, Power Automate, Dynamics 365, various ERP systems etc. All with the goal of using the software as efficiently as possible and thus working as efficiently as possible.

Example: Digitaaleon linked multiple applications for an education company through Zapier to ensure that all requests are automatically processed in all systems such as administration, mailings and account creation and demo accounts.

Business Intelligence

Do you lack insights? Does it take too much time to see things? We help you build a reporting and dashboard solution. We specialize in Power BI and complex data warehouses. We can also help you with other BI applications. Get insight into all your data as quickly as possible. We ensure that your own staff can build on the reports and dashboards we provide. This way you are never completely dependent.

Example: For a real estate party, we created reports that compared actuals and budgets. For a retail organization, we linked reports to the WMS to gain real time insights.

This is how Digitaaleon starts process optimization

This is how Digitaaleon starts process optimization

In a short, free brainstorming session of three hours or so, we’d be happy to take a look and think with you. Based on that session, we can assess whether and how to improve a process so that employees have more time for challenging and value-added tasks. We then map out the solution and provide a transparent estimate of the investment required for this in advance. We always start with small, manageable projects that guarantee quick and easy solutions. But of course it can also happen that an organization still uses a lot of legacy software that is in urgent need of replacement. Then a project quickly becomes larger. But Digitaaleon has a proven solution for that too. In order to keep things clear, we divide large jobs into sub-projects in which the client is always closely involved. We formulate clear objectives and have constructive meetings every two weeks. And also very important: as a customer you are and remain the owner of the code.

Flexible and independent

Digitaaleon works with different solutions and technologies. What we choose for a specific project depends entirely on the problem and the impact. Flexibility guaranteed! The goal is always to solve a problem in the best and most cost-effective way possible. Because we are completely independent and do not receive any money from suppliers, we can always recommend the best and most suitable solution. We use the platforms and technologies listed below.


This platform provides centralized storage of documents, simple lists and reminders.

Power Apps

for developing apps that are not quite standard.

Power BI

For insight and visualization of all your data.

Power Automate

Helps you automate workflows and transfer data from sources to Power BI.


Leave the retyping to robots from now on.


for specific cloud applications and databases.


for specific cloud applications and databases.


is ideally suited for specific cloud applications that require a lot of processing power. Consider, for example, processing large amounts of data and running IoT applications and specific AI solutions.

Custom software

(C#, Python, ReactJS, React Native). We have already written a lot of code that we can often reuse. This saves a lot of time and costs.

Existing software packages

Examples include Zapier, Mailchimp, Calendly and many more. With this software, you often come up with quick results. Good links make automation even faster and easier.

Our own hosting platform

with Docker, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ and Redis. Digitaaleon’s proprietary platform is optimized for our custom software. All you have to do is let us know your requirements and use the platform. We’ll take care of the rest!

The servers are located in the Netherlands and are only accessible to us, so your data is always safe. We only place clients for whom we develop software on our own network. We do not host applications from other software developers. As a result, we always know in detail what code is present on our servers.

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