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Sustainable and practical IT solutions at your fingertips

No complicated technical stories, just clarity for all. We love that at Digitaaleon. After all, it’s important that you not only understand what we do for you, but also why. We’re here to help with practical and sustainable automation solutions that fit your organisation like a glove not only now, but also in the future.

To do so, we draw on the broad IT knowledge and experience we’ve been accumulating since 1998 when the foundation was laid for Digitaaleon as it is today. We’re a team of nearly 20 employees who use their experience every day to solve your automation problems. Whether you’re stuck in Excel hell, desperately need software that does what it’s supposed to do without crashing or want to gain insight with an eye toward the future, we’re happy to put our experience within IT, from websites and office applications to data warehouses, to work for you. With Digitaaleon IT solutions that are future-proof, but practical above all else, are within reach.

Practical automation

We always look for practical solutions for your business. By automating repetitive tasks so that they can be performed by a computer, your people are free to do what they do best. Not only does this provide more value to your company, but employees also enjoy their work more. We see IT as a tool that supports your primary processes, helping you increase the efficiency of your employees, now and in the future.

Digitaaleon for you

Digitaaleon helps you optimize your processes and automate where necessary, serving as one point of contact for all your IT issues. Clarity and independence are key in our work. We speak your language, understand your challenges and work with you to choose the best solution. No complicated technical stories, just clarity at every stage of our collaboration. We make sure everyone understands what we are going to do, but more importantly, why we are doing it that way.

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